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webshop is currently closed for remodeling. back late summer. if you need something in the meantime, please reach out via email.
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a bit of background.

first snowboard ben dietermann konvoi snowboards

Konvoi is a snowboard brand motivated and dedicated to untame the sensation of the glide on the white.

The name of the brand is a tribute to the collective verve behind this fascinating thing called snowboarding and everything that happens around it. And an invitation to join in on this ride.

With me, Ben Dietermann, being the head, hands and heart of the brand, the story behind is well connected with my very own.

After getting introduced to the amenities of winter by starting skiing at a very young age on some black forest hills, all it took to enter the world of gliding sideways was building a first board. Built together with my father, while my mother sewed a first according outfit.

Discovering the backcountry was another influential step and many winters were spent riding unspoilt local terrain in Austria and Switzerland. Together with friends and especially my two brothers.

Meanwhile I became a craftsman by trade and a little later studying brought further insights into construction technologies. Embracing profound technical knowledge and a creative working spirit, the questionable concepts and ethics of corporate industries made me look further.

A research project for a swiss ski brand set a spark and still studying a first snowboard and powdersurfer were built with nothing but a few ideas after the lections. Doing an internship shortly after at Pogo Snowboards, a small snowboard manufacture with quite a history, my skills and motivation caught their attention.

The regular work was good there, but to have total freedom to build whatever I came up with in my spare time, felt like the real thing for me at first.

As time went by and circumstances changed, I had to move on with my visions of how to live, work and ride guiding me the way.

All along countless ideas were brought on snow and refined with utter attention to the very last detail. There were risks, costs, weeks of sleepless nights and memorable moments on makeshift boards.

The multiple demands of this long-haul hands-on endeavours didn’t bother and quickly the results became stunning. Long-time friends always being a fierce and helpful support.

A whole new world of riding bliss was discovered along the way. Simply craving to be shared.                        

So here we are, Konvoi Snowboards, ready to revive the ride in good spirits. Together and with gusto.


This text originally appeared in our recent photobook, which is available here.

Picture: Alex Eckbauer

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