got stickers?

stickers konvoi nsowboards sergej vutuc aber hallo

Sergej Vutuc might not be known by every snowboard aficionado, but just ask anyone who spent a fair time skateboarding and they surely know a story or two about this inspiring and well travelled human being.

Having worked together on some fun projects of all sorts in the past, it was an easy choice to do some more along the way. This time just something easy and small, but who knows what's next.

My brain delivered some adequate shibboleths and Sergej brought them on paper one early august morning before heading out for a skate session. That's how things should go. Thanks Mister.

You might already got a sticker sheet via the latest issue of the Pleasure mag, otherwise we pack them with every order and of course you can also get them straight at our facility or whenever we're out there.

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