it's a long term thing.

Powdersurfing really reached a new level for me, when i started working on threedimensional base contours. The feeling itself was of course fascinating from the start, but now i was definitely hooked.

The boards were suddenly rideable in a wider variety of conditions, you could go for more challenging terrain and instead of fighting to stay on board, you could just focus on having the best time on your way down.

Of course you could say the terrain choices for the pictured board are limited, but even then there are a million ways of having fun on it.The only limit is a limited mindset.

Also unlimited are the possibilites of threedimensional design and i most definitely like to explore them. Shaping and riding.

Sometimes in rather convenient and sometimes in more experimental ways. For the joy of creating, learning and the little fresh and pure sensations along the way.

And yes you can reach out to me and have a go yourself. No matter if you prefer to try something shorter or this extraordinary pin longboard powdersurfer.

By the way this board is 2,43m long and very agile.


Picture: Tim Brodesser

Location: Macugnaga, Italy

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