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webshop is currently closed for remodeling. back late summer. if you need something in the meantime, please reach out via email.
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nevado is next.

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Let's say hello to the NEVADO.

An excellent powder and so much more snowboard. Dynamic and versatile, always ready to act in your favour all over any mountain.

More than popular at this winter's on snow happenings, the NEVADO will become available right in time for next winter. According to your measurements and preferences you will be able to choose from the following versions:

153, 161, 169, 169 Wide

All versions will be available as solid snowboards and splitboards.

This shape dates back to an idea i started fooling around with prior to my first trip to the japanese island Hokkaido, famous for being a one of a kind winter wonderland. I wanted to create a playful board of limited length that can handle so much fluffy stuff and still deliver full performance and fahrvergnügen in any other white scenario when back home in the alps. Rugged conditions and groomers included.

The challenge was to achieve every single aspect of that original idea. Going step by step formed my clear vision of what the characteristics of this snowboard really need to be.

And yes, i released a quite similar shape with a very similar name for another brand in the past. But the past is in the past and as much as i'm thankful for the shape's first chapter, this shape simply deserved to evolve further in the hands of it's original creator.

Right now i am very happy about finally being able to bring my full vision of this shape to life. This snowboard offers such a wide range of potential and i'm still surprised that this is actually possible. When i was working at the first attempts i still thought that some capability characteristics are just impossible to combine, especially when all those characteristics should shine in all their glory. Proved myself wrong here.

The most achievements were made by giving chance to new concepts and methods while still embracing approved techniques. And not being shy to approach the proven manners with a new twist.

The results of the efforts taken are once again not necessarily visible, but surely felt when you put the board in action. And i'm talking about stuff here that hasn't been brought on snow before.

So don't be fooled by the minimalistic appereance, once again you get something excellent and your ride will benefit.

Another thing you better not be fooled by is the tail design. YES you can wholeheartedly go backwards, fakie or anyway you want to put it. And it's not just a pretentious homage to fictional freestyle roots, the NEVADO is oh so ready for it.

Fast lines, tricky couloirs, wide open powder fields, pillows galore, carving on the groomers, unveiling your bag of tricks, tight tree terrain, slushy sidehits and what not. This board performs in your favour. Extra portion of fahrvergnügen guaranteed.

What else is left to say? Of course, the short lengthes. Hey ladies or lightweighted men, those are for you.

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