snowboards are coming.

The original plan was to release the KANTAR snowboard for december 2017, but needless to say things didn't go as planned. The developing of new board features and constructions is already quite a challenge, but the serial production is actually quite another one. Especially if your are not willing to compromise.

And as Konvoi is not exactly lacking motivation and dedication you mabye get an idea that there was a bit more than extra mile to go.
But here we are.

On top the new NEVADO model is getting ready now, too.

The following solid snowboard versions will hit the online shop on the 27th of october:




The splitboard versions will hit the online shop on the 1st of december.

Exact dates for KANTAR 167 Wide, NEVADO 153, NEVADO 161 and NEVADO 169 Wide will follow.

Most powdersurf models are still available, but there will be a general restock with upgraded pads for the 27th of october as well.

Now it's your turn. Do yourself a favour.

UPDATE: The KANTAR 161 and 167 snowboards are available starting today, 27th of october, as planned. NEVADO 169 is unfortunately delayed for the 1st of december and the powdersurf restock will happen at the end of november.

Thanks a lot to the motivated and capable boys from the Praefect Manufactory for their long-haul endeavours to turn these ambitious snowboards into a serial reality.

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