there is a reason...

Or actually more than one.

Climbing skins need to glide fast, hold to your board or better say your board halves as good as it gets, no matter how nasty the conditions are or how many times you want to get them on and off per day. The fixtures should be easy to mount and really help to hold the skins in place. And of course it's great to have a pair of skins that can stand some wear and tear and this definitely also means the glue.

Thanks to a lot of testing, we certainly know that the Kohla hot melt mohair mix skins are the best deal. On top they are made in Austria and are also very light.

And yes they are served to you made-to-measure and ready to use.

To sum it up, those skins are easy to use, fast, reliable and no, you don't have to purchase them separately. They come along when you order one of our splitboards. Yes, we are that generous. Simply for the sake of snowboarding.


Feel free to check some more info on their site here

Picture: Martin Grobar

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