The goal is to revive the simple and ever fascinating sensation of the glide with every new design. Therefore, each board starts with a vision of the ride. This vision is an individual blend of ideas rooted in prior projects, inspiration from all kind of obvious or obscure sources and pure imagination.

A vision really starts to flourish when taken into the workshop. Here a wise selection of diverse craftsmen skills, traditional tools, simple machines, modern technologies and machinery is applied. The characteristic benefits of every method supporting each other in best manner and with full focus on the result itself.

Testing on snow is the next thing. In the beginning stages, it sometimes only takes a few meters to know what still needs to be done, later on quite some time and a lot of comparing with other boards in various conditions is needed for proper conclusions. And before you know it, you're caught in a continuous cycle between trying the newest creation out there and revising and refining it in the workshop. It never stops and it's demanding. Often rewarding, always exciting.

Even in a short spell this straightforward way of developing, creates stunning and highly functional results. As i always have something in the works you can also participate in the process. You're welcome to try anything at any stage and give feedback or input at any time. But please refrain from asking me to develop or build anything i don't have a close connection to.

Even so I'm capable of a lot of things, i really need to breath something to be able to come up with my very own vision and unravel it to its full extent. And in my opinion life is just too short for any half-hearted missions. In return i also refrain to offer something that doesn't meet these self- determined principles. Deal?

Once again, the boards are the main focus here, but of course everything else gets the same attention. For example, every piece of Konvoi clothing is also precisely tailored to specific requirements.