Hello hello and welcome to the ever-exciting world of konvoi snowboards.

My name is Ben Dietermann and i'm a human being giving full attention to my utter love for the art of gliding down some snow-covered mountains standing sideways.

For me it's all about life's simple and stunning pleasures. Just being out there and sharing those special moments with great people is as good as it gets.

Around three decades into this, the sensation of every single manoeuvre performed on snow is as pure and fresh as it ever was.

The bliss that comes along with putting in that little extra effort, the knowledge of many riding possibilities yet to be refined or discovered and the plain fact that life offers so much while ultimately being limited, motivate me to wholeheartedly exert myself in favour of all the things precious to me.

Happily, i commit myself to only shape, design, develop, build and offer boards that not just live up to the multiple demands of the ride, but truly intensify the sensation of the ride in oh so many ways.

Now is the time to enjoy this ride. Together and with gusto. See you out there.

Ben Dietermann Signature
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