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Hosted by Terje Haakonsen and Nicolas Müller, the SUDDEN RUSH Banked Slalom in Laax is a one of a kind snowboard happening. The parcour is always as fun as challenging and motivated riders come together from all over to celebrate shredding banks in best spirit.

The general idea is to reward the fast ones with trophys that can be used afterwards. Fully rideable oldschool cruiser skateboards for this year's edition. Handmade fifty-five pieces and brought them along.

laax banked slalom bryan iguchi powsurf powdersurfing

Thanks to the wonders of the prize raffle, snowboarding legend Bryan Iguchi is now the very first owner of the Konvoi powdersurf blank AMANO.

laax banked slalom sudden rush ben dietermann konvoi snowboards

 See you there next time. Laax is always worth a visit, especially on this very weekend.

 Event pictures by Philipp Ruggli.

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