size does matter...

workshop konvoi custom snowboard pintail allgäu

What exactly do we have here?

Two custom made pintail snowboards a little bit longer than usual that's for certain.

The black 306cm long version was an order from america which we called valor and the white 303cm long version the prototype to make sure that we really have this highly customized board on point.

General issues like nose chatter and so on are of course a bit more delicate with an increased length that's why we decided to approach this whole project a little different compared to your average snowboard construction.

Threedimensional design was the way to go. Of course, rather hard to tell by these pictures, but believe you me we did it tip to tail and it paid off.

The first tests on spacious groomed glacier fields in late spring provided validation, further insights for the final finetuning and of course also lots of fun and speed rushs.

Looking forward to more special building projects like this in the future as a whole lot is possible when all involved parties are willing to go the extra mile. And yes, special is not limited to length, anything that is far from the ordinary is up our alley.

Whatever rocks your board so to say. Über width, massive 3D, ultimate weight trimming or whatever it is you feel like riding, we can build it for you. Simply get in touch for individual possibilities.

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