yes, more than one.

A common question: Ben, which powdersurfing shape do you ride?⁠

Not the easiest one to answer. This is my choice from this last winter. Some old, some new, some still in the works.⁠

To be exact, from left to right:⁠

147 skatestyle powdersurf prototype⁠
187 VEGA preseries version⁠
137 skatestyle powsurf prototype⁠
207 VEGA preseries version⁠
127 AMANO narrow slush version⁠
157 MALAS ⁠
157 new shape in progress⁠
227 assymetrical prototype⁠
157 ESCAL⁠

Rode about fifteen shapes more. But those are the ones I rode the most. Why so much different boards? It's just too thrilling to work and ride on different stuff, evolve, learn, craft, create...⁠

And to put that into perspective, rode on bindingless boards on around one hundred days this winter, so definitely some time to do exactly that.⁠

And yes, the one i'm holding i rode the most and it's a mighty fine shape. Already looking forward to put that one out, once the new 3D bottom shape is 127,9% dialed.

Feel free of course to reach out to me if you need advice on which shape suits you or is a good addition to your quiver.

Picture: Noah Biehler

Location: Allgäu, D

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